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Knee And Shoulder Specialist

Consultant Arthroscopy Surgeon and Minimally invasive Joint replacement Surgeon

About Dr. Jigar Patel

Dr. Jigar Patel is a Dynamic and internationally trained  Orthopaedic Surgeon practicing in Mumbai. He is an expert in Knee and Shoulder joint performing Arthroscopic (key hole) surgeries, Minimally invasive Joint replacement Surgeries and Complex trauma. He is trained in the most advance internationally recognised institutes.

Dr. Jigar strives to provide the Best Treatment to his patients with personal touch. He is hard working, passionate and soft spoken. He has attended several National & International conference & CME and tries to keep his Knowledge updated.


Areas of Expertise


Arthroscopy And Sports Medicine.

(Key Hole Surgeries)

Arthroplasty and Joint Replacement

Complex Trauma

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